We are developing unmanned vessels to foster maritime technology advancement.


The Team

As a team, we learn together, we fail together, we grow together. No matter what your major is, we celebrate differences and perspectives.




Each project must have its own uniqueness. From there, we looked for challenges and learned many new things. Let's see what we are working on.

About Barunastra

Barunastra derived from two words,"Varuna" which means the God of the sea according the belief in Hinduism, and "Astra", which means weapon.

So, the meaning of Barunastra is The Weapon's God of the sea.

  • Ongoing Project

    Roboboat 2021

    During a pandemic like this, Robonation continues to hold online international roboboat competitions. The challenge grows bigger because of the limitations to make face-to-face progress. We believe, difficult circumstances will not hinder the creation of brilliant ideas of youth in fostering maritime technology innovation.

    Abang Putih Semangatku!

  • The Division

    There are three main divisions that play an important role in this team. We believe what Michael Jordan has said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”.

    Our Achievements

    1st Place Skills Video & Website
    2nd Place Technical Design Report

    AUVSI 14th International Roboboat Competition, 2021
    Conducted Online

    1st Place
    AUVSI 12th International Roboboat Competition, 2019
    Florida, USA

    1st Place
    AUVSI 11th International Roboboat Competition, 2018
    Florida, USA

    4th Place
    AUVSI 10th International Roboboat Competition, 2017
    Florida, USA

    1st Place
    Kompetisi Kapal Cepat Tak Berawak Nasional (KKCTBN) 2020
    Malang, Indonesia

    1st Place
    Semarang, Indonesia

    2nd Place & Best Design
    Kompetisi Kapal Cepat Tak Berawak Nasional (KKCTBN) 2019
    Malang, Indonesia

    When we become students, we need to improve value of ourselves, and in Barunastra Roboboat ITS Team is the best place I think to work disciplined. professional and fun, a lot knowledge that will be in this Team. And that most importantly you can make the people of Indonesia proud of his country.

    — Darwin Setiyawan (Team Leader Of Barunastra ITS 2015/2016)

    Barunastra ITS, here we work together for the nation by making unmanned ships that will be fought for the good name of alma mater, nation and state. With the spirit of kinship and nationalism.

    — Dwiki Novditya (Team Leader Of Barunastra ITS 2014/2015)

    Roboboat Barunastra ITS, a good place to unmanned crew members who are highly demanded by professionals with high technical and management skills.

    — Frengki Muhammad F. (Team Leader Of Barunastra ITS 2012/2013)