Our Story

Being number one has always been the team’s goal. We targets to finish all the tasks with the best performance.


The Beginning

The name Barunastra was first sparked by three men students from the Department of Marine Engineering ITS i.e Arya Javendra, Bagus Gelis and Alfi in 2012 with formed a team of RC Boat named Barunastra with an Acalendra boat headed by Arya Javendra ( Naval Engineering 2011) and then expand under the auspices of the Department of Marine Engineering.



To develop a deeper roboboat mechanical and electronic facets, roboboat team work together with Metic (Marine Engineering), Hydro (Naval Engineering) and ITS Robotics SMEs by forming a Team Nala (Naval Autonomous), headed by Novem (Electrical Engineering 2011). While Barunastra launches a second generation named Acalendra ll with chairman Bagus Gelis (Marine Engineering 2011).


National Unmanned Fast Boat Contest 2014

Barunastra team is growing in autonomous boat research after changing chairman in 2014 to Dwiki (Marine Engineering 2012). Barunastra 03 is began to develop research as a long-term preparation to follow the international roboboat competition which has been the main dream of Barunastra. This year, the team won the 2014 KKCTBN.



In 2015, under the leadership of Darwin Setyawan (Marine Engineering), Barunastra ITS makes new motivation by joining international roboboat competition namely 10th International Roboboat Competition organized by AUVSI Foundation in Virginia, United States. With the status as a new participant, Barunastra ITS is capable won the 3rd and Savitsky Award for Best category Speed and Manueverability. In addition, this 4th Generation Barunastra also became a champion in the national roboboat event, Deconbotion organized by Diponegoro University.


National Unmanned Fast Boat Contest

The leadership baton of Barunastra ITS followed by Galih Ghafara (Marine Engineering 2014). Barunastra 05 is capable dominate the roboboat in Indonesia by becoming champion in KKCTBN 2016. In 2017, Barunastra returns to the inter- national llth International Roboboat Competition by AUVSI Foundation which this time its holding held in Florida, United States of America. With different locations, teams have to face new challenges. With various obstacles facing, Barunastra ITS is able to become 4th Winner in the international arena is at once crowned as the best roboboat team in Asia.



Currently, Barunastra ITS Team has develop into Barunastra ITS Nala 06. The first achievement owned team while joining Deconbotion 2017 is the 1st Winner with Nala Kharisma Boat as well as 2nd Place and Best Design with Nala Andaru Boat. Not quite there, Barunastra still continue to clean up, prepare yourself to punch Interna- tional Roboboat Competition 2018 will be in June 2018.


International Roboboat Champion

The Barunastra ITS Team would like to say thank you once again to all the elements who have helped make all this possible. The team would like to thank parents, lecturers, sponsors, and others who have helped realize the dream of the ITS Barunastra Team. The team also would like to thank the Indonesian Embassy in Washington and Mr. Henry Wimenta for helping a lot while the team was in Daytona. The Barunastra team hoped that this could be a new start to Barunastra's successor.